Monday, July 13, 2009

Garden update....

Monday brings you the much anticipated garden updates! I am sure you all love the garden stories ( ha).
I am pleased to announce that WE HAVE PEAS people! I was doing some damage control on the out of hand weeds the other day and came across many pea plants that actually produced some peas!! I have not tasted them yet, but they are probably edible....I hope so.
The zucchini squash is flowering as well as the green beans. I feel so productive now! I don't feel like such a green thumb failure anymore.
My dad was the master at taking care of the lawn and the garden. I was forced to pull weeds and stuff like that every single weekend. Our lawn won awards every year for being so beautiful. He probably has no idea why my lawn is in shambles. I think it's because I was burned out from all the lawn work I did as a kid. Maybe. I also know that when he comes and looks at my garden he just shakes his head and wonders where he went wrong! Well too bad dad...I know what I am doing! Take that!
Not really..I have no clue what is going on, but that's not his fault. Not entirely anyway.

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