Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tips on Tuesday- How to order healthier foods when eating out (KIDS!)

Even though we do not dine out often, it's still helpful to know what the best options for our kids are when we do. I know that sometimes we treat the meal out as a junk meal anyway, but sometimes we have to eat out more than once and week and that's not an option. Amara's favorite things to get out are Mac and cheese, grilled cheese and fries. Those are one of the worst things on the list of things to stay away from. The fat content to to mention the saturated fat are sky high and I always feel guilty about it. Not only on the day she eats this meal but the day after ( what goes in, must come out). It really does a number on her young tummy! My kids are not used to eating greasy fare day in and day out. With today's child obesity rates on the rise making healthy choices are becoming a must.

Healthier breakfast choices when dining out are whole wheat or multi grain pancakes and toast, fruit, 100% juices, egg white omelette's with veggies, and Canadian bacon

Some good choices for lunch and dinner are grilled chicken, kid sized hamburger, plain steamed vegetables, salad with low fat dressing and pasta with marinara. We sometimes split a dessert between the 4 of us or have a healthier treat at home.

I know it might take some time to get the kids to eat better while in a fun restaurant, but I know that right now for Amara its more about the experience of going with the familythen the actual food she eats!

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