Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Maverick Ranch Natural Meats Review

The more and more I read up on the latest research of organic and hormone free meats the more and more I am convinced that I need to make the switch! I was very glad to see Maverick Certified Organic Beef on sale a few weeks ago at my regular grocery store. It was still $4.19 for a 1 pound brick of meat, but that was at 40% off! I bought 2. I made a broccoli stir-fry for dinner tonight using the beef. It was really great tasting! Matt noticed a difference immediately. He actually thought it was ground venison ( I don't like ground venison that much and have never made it). He thought the texture was comparable to ground venison so he was a fan right away. Amara did not notice a difference and Miles could care less! I thought it was very good. I initially thought I would notice that big of a difference, but I can honestly say that this was some good beef. I am not a beef connoisseur by any means. I don't like more than a bite of well done steak. I will eat a real beef burger ( well done) on the 4th of July and a few other BBQ weekends, but I never full out crave beef. Well, let me take that back. When I was pregnant with Amara I had some weird fixation with Whoppers. I probably had at least one a week for a few months. At that point I probably had not eaten beef in 4 to 5 years, for no other reason than I never wanted it.

Back to the review. Maverick makes other products as well: Natural Buffalo, Free range Chicken, Natural lamb and lots more!

With all the concern of hormones, chemicals and other garbage given to the cows it is good to know that there are companies out there such as Maverick that raise their cattle pesticide, hormone and antibiotic free. I won't lie and say I will only buy this type of product all the time, but I will hunt for the sales and stock up when ever possible! I fully recommend Maverick Ranch Natural Meats!

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Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

I love organic meet. I pretty much refuse to eat red meet unless its organic (unless we're out for dinner at someone's house or something..) it drives my husband batty, but whatever. :) It grosses me out thinking about what could be in my meet..... I just wish it wasn't so expensive!!