Monday, July 27, 2009

Organic Garden Update

Well here it is Monday already. I am happy to announce that we had buckets of rain over the weekend that made some beautiful stuff happen in the garden. Among the very tall weeds that also did well, I found a goof amount of green beans. I was not expecting to find anything ( love my positivity) at all, but I did. I found enough to pick. I am going to attempt to cook them this afternoon. It's not enough for everyone, so I figure at least I can get the first load. I'm kind of selfish that way. I might share with Amara.
Nobody told me that squash plants are prickly! I found out the hard way. I dove right in and got a nice surprise. I was moving the leaves around looking for any actual squash ( nope-none). Those things hurt. They do have large pretty orangish yellow flowers, and I bet the next step will be beautiful prize winning worthy vegetables!! One can dream......

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