Thursday, July 23, 2009

Healthy Family Updates

So we took a break from Operation Declutter for a few weeks only to dive right into it yesterday afternoon. It helped that Matt's parents were an hour away ( a big motivator for us!). I tackled the kitchen ( again) and Matt tackled a corner in the living room. The corner was filled with magazines, exercise equipment, stacks of paper and who knows what else--dust bunnies too.

Well now there is a pile of things I need to go through. It's sitting right in the middle of our not-so big living room. So now that pile has spread. Miles likes to run right through the middle of it; slipping on magazines and falling on his face. He says "again" and repeats it a few times until I tell him to knock it off. Oh the life........ 1 corner down, 49 to go!

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