Thursday, July 30, 2009

Healthy Family Updates

Operation Declutter continues..slowly but surely. We should be done by now, but we both HATE cleaning. I am not sue why. All of my friends ( all 8 of them..ha!) have immaculate homes. I am not kidding. You could probably eat off the floor without worrying. I thought that some of their cleaning powers would rub off on me, but I am still waiting...still waiting.

Anyway. We have until Saturday afternoon to get things in order around here. Which really means Matt has until then because it's my day to run ( 15 miles that morning). My sister in law ( Hi Lisa) and her boy toy will be coming to watch the kids while Matt and I are at a wedding and reception for the night. I am not sure why we need to clean though--she has seen the madness and chaos of our home before. I guess the point of doing all this( massive cleaning) is to try and keep it up. Our biggest downfall with "stuff" is that we simply don't have the room for our things. So we think we found a good corner for it, and then it just builds and build and builds from there. The on-going cycle. I wonder if there is counseling for this. I know there is..I have seen the episode on Oprah. I am breath a sigh of relief that we are not that bad- there is no hording here--just piling and stacking!

We got Amara's room done except for the dresser and closet last night. It was my idea to do her room first since it is already the least junky of the rooms! So one room down a few more to go.

Wish us luck!

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lgrajews said...

that house better be clean when i get there or i am out!