Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Honey Bunnies cereal Review

This weeks review will be on a kids cereal. Honey Bunnies cereal. Amara (5) says " I like the cereal because it has honey in it. I like the shapes and it tastes yummy!" Miles (2) is too little to express his love for the cereal, but he does run to the cabinet and picks the box up trying his best to say " Honey Bunnies". That must count for something! Amara will eat hers with milk for breakfast or as a snack. I will throw some in a trail mix for her as well with some raisins and almonds and Miles will eat them dry any time of day.

It does taste pretty good. I buy it for the kids because it's low in sugar ( but sweet enough so they will eat it and like it.), is made from whole grains and has few ingredients when compared to most kids cereals these days.

*Annie's Honey Bunnies Toasted Corn & Oat Cereal - with Real Honey - bunnies and hearts made from toasted whole grain oats with just a honey glaze. Like all of our products, Honey Bunnies are as wholesome as they are delicious: 75% Organic and 100% All Natural9 grams Whole Grains (a Good Source of Fiber)Low Fat and No Cholesterol NO Icky Additives or Pesky Preservatives Grown and Processed without GMOs 0 grams Trans Fat & 0 grams Saturated FatVegetarian*

This cereal is mostly organic too. As you might already know, I don't buy all organic foods, but when it comes to my kids nutrition I try to get the most nutritious foods that I can afford. When I do buy processed foods, I look for them to be minimally processed, have few ingredients and have as natural ingredients as I can find. So this was a good choice. I recommend Honey Bunnies!

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