Thursday, September 4, 2008

3 days down and a lifetime to go

Well, it has been just about 3 whole days since I am "back on track" with all things healthy!
When I am off track, my whole family is off track..that's just the way we roll. We are back to eating ( hubby and I) 5-6 healthy meals a day. I feel good about this. I hate being "off track" and just eating like I don't care about myself. I do care about myself and my family. We were given life for a reason, may as well take care of it the best way we can! Our plan is to eat clean all week long and then we will have one dirty meal a week. This has worked pretty well for us in the past, we just let it slpi during the summer months. We were having a few too many dirty meals, snacks, weeks--you get the picture.
My exercise has also gotten back to where it needs to be. I do teach quite a few classes during the week, but I still need ( a personal choice really) to do my own thing as well. My new thing this week is Zumba. It's a latin inspired dance, aerobics, salsa, grapevine, booty -pop and hip shakin' type of class. It is not my type of class at all. I LOVE IT! It's so much fun to just go in and let loose and trip over my own 2 feet. I have taken 2 classes already this week and hope to add another one by this weekend. If you want to learn more about it :
I highly recommend this class to everyone. It helps if the instructor is awesome though!
Amara goes to preschool two times a week. They just added a new gym class too. I am very excited and happy about this. While in this class the teachers will discuss self-esteem, body image, nutrition and they even get to do fun gym stuff! These are all things we try to teach her at home, but I am happy that these things will be reinforced at school.
Miles is a grat baby with a great appetite. He will eat basically whatever I feed him. I hope he stays this way forever (having a good appetite, not a baby).
So here is to taking everything one day at a time!

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