Saturday, September 6, 2008

What a waste.....

Today was my first official " cheat meal" of the week. A cheat is basically an off plan meal that might be something you craved all week--basically something fried, cheesey, sugary and all things that I am trying to avoid.
I had Taco Hell and it was not even worth it.
I took Miles for a walk while Amara rode her bike for 30 minutes ( exercise for me--yay!). After the walk we just started driving and we ended up at Taco Hell. It did not even taste good. UGH!!! I even passed on the pizza today at Chuck E. Cheese. What was I thinking???
Sometimes "cheats" are needed and necessary for me to stay on track. Next time I will remind myself that if I just don't really feel like it then I won't have the cheat. Either that or just get pizza. I can never go wrong with pizza.

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