Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fail to plan, plan to fail...

That's kind of how I live my life. Today I had an excellent day-mainly because I planned out everything in advanced--my meals, my classes and my workouts etc.
I try and plan my menus from Sunday to Wed and then Thursday to Saturday. That usually works out really well for me. At the start of this week for some reason I did not have a plan, and I acted as if I had no idea what to eat! I mean, I went grocery shopping on Sunday so the kitchen was fully stocked.
We had pasta on Monday. We never eat pasta on Monday-that's usually our "end of the week meal because we ran out of everything else dinner". Either that or tuna sandwiches.
After dinner on Monday I did the menu up until Thursday. I felt so much better knowing I had it all planned out.
I am the same way when teaching exercise classes. I taught 3 classes today and each one got better then the next and I started off pretty up there! I like when that happens. I planned out all of my classes on paper in advanced today. It was either my great teaching abilities or all the coffee I drank before my classes.
The same goes for my own personal workouts. If I step into the gym without a plan I usually have a less then stellar workout. I try to at least make a mental note of what I want to accomplish in the gym and go from there.
I hope I don't sound like a robot. I'm a fun girl--really!
I know the whole planning things does not work for all families, but I feel it works best for mine. I just need to figure out how to plan to get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night. That would be awesome.

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Danielle said...

Girl I am a list making fool. I think that having a plan is definetly required for balancing all of it, certainly does not mean you aren't fun. If I just let things happen nothing gets done. Can't help ya on the sleep issues because I am right there with you!