Friday, September 12, 2008

Exercise- A family affair........

The past couple of days have been pretty good. Miles slept better last night, so that is good news for our household. He has been walking for about 1 month now so he is getting his exercise in these days. He was a pretty big baby ( 10 lbs. 10 oz.- I love to throw that in every chance I get). He is 11 months and around 22-23 lbs. Healthy guy with precious baby rolls galore. His face is starting to thin out with all his activity.
Amara has started her new gym class at her preschool. It's a great idea and I wish I thought of it. An outside source comes in once a week ( Rising Starz Fitness) and teaches the kids about fitness, self-esteem and nutrition. I asked her how she liked it. Her response, " I loved it!" After that she demonstrated a few donkey kicks, somersaults and a faux carthweel that she learned that day. I asked her if they talked about nutrition and she said, "fruit and oil". Not quite sure what the means, but she's only 4-I am happy she paid enough attention to the non-activity portion of class to tell me that much!
I think Matt made it to the gym twice this week, which for him is great. He does full body workouts on his lunch break. He is not really a cardio machine type of guy. He would rather play basketball although that has not happened in a few weeks. We are still working on that. He's the type of person that will eat well for a week, make it to the gym 3 times and play basketball 1-2 times and a 6-pack magically appears. No fair. Back off ladies-he's with me. He is into fishing and hunting, so that gets him plenty of walking in when the season hits.
I am back to teaching 8 fitness classes a week. It can really wear on me after a few weeks of this. I can get burned out very quickly. I am trying to avoid this by trying to do doing different things everytime I teach. It worked this week.
I did a Boot Camp style class with 1 minute drills. For another class I did compound exercises the entire class. One class I only used the Body Bar for equipment. My Spinning class is always different-this week it was hills and sprints. I like to teach classes the same way I like to be taught. I talk as little as necessary and I am not always in your face telling you " Good job!" and " Way to go!" I know, I know..that does not sound very motivating, but I do give kudos when it's needed. I let my classes know they are doing well. My feedback is great and a lot of people tell me the reason they keep coming back to my classes is because of the resasons I stated.
I ended up getting to the gym today and did my own thing- A full body circuit and intervals on the treadmill. Sometimes people cannot believe I still go to the gym after teaching all week. I have to, or I will go insane. End of story.

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