Monday, September 22, 2008

Feel the pain

I am getting old. Either that or I am overtraining! I am sure it's overtraining......I'm not that old. My shoulders are a mess. I teach 8 classes a week and it is starting to catch up with me. My shoulderse are the first place to feel it, next it will be my knees. I'm not old. I really don't like backing off in my classes. I look kind of lame not doing the full 3 sets of ten pushups that I ask my classes to do. My problem is I might do that 3 days in a row. Not too smart. And then I expect to be able to workout on my own 3 days a week.
I am trying to figure out a way to separate reaching my personal fitness goals and teaching my fitness classes to my full potential. This is not an easy task, but I need to figure it out before I injure myself. In all of my 10+ years of teaching I have never injured myself ( knock on wood) and I want to keep it that way. It might help too if I incorporated more stretching in my day or a yoga class a few times a week.
I cannot believe I am actually certified to teach yoga! I taught it for about a year or so and stopped when I was 5 months pregnant with Amara. It's too slow for me. I'm all about action over here! I noticed a huge difference in my flexibility and I am the first to recommend yoga too. It's very hard to go to someone elses class after teaching 2-3 myself that day. The only exception is Zumba-but that's a given.
So I guess I have a lot to figure out in regards to finding balance in that area of my life. That and dinner. I have no idea what to make tonight. We usually end up having tuna sandwiches when I can't think of anything else.
On a side note ( I know, this is about the 3rd side note of this blog) the vegetable turkey meat loaf was a hit! Amara says she liked it ( with ketchup of course). Matt pretty much likes anything, so I was sure he would eat this without a problem. I liked the fact that it was really easy to make and that it's super healthy with all the vegetables inside. As Amara happily exclaimed "I can't even taste em'!!" Whew!

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