Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have been gearing up to start my new goal in January. That would be to start training for the grueling 25k race that I swear to NEVER RUN AGAIN every year. It hurts so good. My goal is to run in under 2 hours. That's pretty quick for 15.5 miles. I have been thinking about joining up with a running club again for at least 4 months now. I took it upon myself to email the new coach and ask( brown nose) a few questions about the upcoming season.
The running club offers guidance on how to train for races. They have a speed session workout during the week and a long run on the weekend. It's up to you to do the other prescribed runs during the week. I really love the group aspect of training, doing something besides teaching group exercise, being outside and just enjoying other grownups! There are people there who are at or around my fitness level and can really push me when I need it. I need that push.....
So it really saddened me to find out that the speed sessions are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I can't attend either of those days-stupid work.
When I was last with this club the speed sessions were offered on Tuesday and Wednesday-perfect for me and would have been again. I would have to give up my Wednesday Zumba, but dare I say this would be worth it?? YES-it would have been. So now I don't know what I am going to do. I really feel the speed work is in intricate part of me doing well and achieving my goal. I really don't see myself on a track by myself doing 800 meter repeats anytime soon. Lame.
So I apologize for the pity party. This is just a total bummer.
OK, moving on to some positive things.......
I don't get to do Power Pilates on Wednesday because Matt is hunting early. Oops, that was negative. Zumba- take me away!!! I still have that hopefully........
Amara had her gymnastics class today during school and I am able to log onto the computer and spy on her whenever I want. I was able to see her in action as she had tons of energy this morning even before school started. She was as funny as I expected. She jumped on the trampoline, walked the balance beam ( just a line on the floor I think), did a somersault and a cartwheel and the while a big smile on her face ( I wish there was sound..I am sure she was giggling the whole time). She gave a couple high fives after the stunts and then repeated the process again. I think she wore herself out. She was pretty tired for us today after school ( ie: whine bag).
Miles had a pretty big day as well. He signed his first word--SHOES! Proud mom over here!
His exercise of the day was dancing to the opening theme music of Yo Gabba Gabba! This show is either the coolest thing ever or it can be scary. I play it a few times in a row so he can get his heart rate up ( kidding).
I pretty much took the weekend off from, well, everything! Monday and Tuesday have been great exercise wise. Monday- not so well with a minor almond M & M attack. Moving on.
This weeks ( maybe tomorrow) recipe will be homemade macaroni and cheese. Stay tuned!

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Heather said...

2 hours??? Well, I'll join you at the finish line! lol I'm glad you are running it again though because it'll be fun to be out there (even if I'm about 20 minutes behind) with you! I've been munching this week too & cannot figure out why other than my brain is already in vacation mode. Ah well, at least we realize we are doing it...that counts right?