Thursday, October 23, 2008

Deceptively Disgusting

The Macaroni and Cheese was not a success. It wasn't totally nasty, but I am sure I won't be using the recipe again. Amara kindly told me that she likes the kind in the box better. Matt doused his w/ hot sauce, but he does that with the boxed kind too(and most foods in general).
It was kind of bland to say the least. It was totally the recipe at fault and not my awesome cooking. Hopefully next weeks recipe will taste better.
There was another mac n' cheese recipe in the cookbook as well. I wonder if that one tastes better. The one I chose ( Mac and cheese 2) used garbanzo beans as the "hidden" veggie. Mac and cheese 1 used butternut squash or cauliflower as the vegetable. The only reason I picked the one with the beans was because it had less ingredients. So much for time management!

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