Thursday, October 30, 2008


Recipe number 3 was yesterday. Spaghetti Pie. It looked nothing like the picture, but it was a hit with the family nonetheless. Amara heard what I was making and warned me that she was not going to like it. I told her thanks, but too bad for her because that's what we were having for dinner.
This recipe used broccoli puree ( which I cooked longer and it turned out a lot smoother than my first attempt a few weeks ago), and carrot puree. I did not have any eggs so my meatballs were a little loose, but other than that this was pretty tasty. Other changes I will make for the next time are: I will use spaghetti sauce instead of plain tomato sauce and maybe use a bigger pie pan.
Even though Amara took her usual snails pace to eat this meal I was convinced she really did enjoy it. Matt will basically eat anything I cook, but gave thumbs up to this dish and even packed the leftovers for his lunch today.
Workouts have been as good as I can make them this week. Matt is on a hunting mission so my early gym mornings have been put on the back burner for the most part this week. I even agreed to sub a class this week so I knew I would get a workout in!

So Zumba was last was last night. I was watching myself in the mirror ( that's why they are there people!) and I felt I looked kind of stiff and uptight. That is so not what Zumba is about! It's about being loose and carefree. I decided then and there to get over myself and have more fun during class and loosen up. I did, and I seemed to have even more fun!! I was not worried about the people that were looking through the class-- they were all jealous and wishing they were in class. I just know it!
I have also been notified that I will be a single mom this weekend as hunting will be priority since it is not going so well. So good luck to you Matt!
Food choices have been quite good this week too. I must have a mental image of those ladies from the figure show in my head or something. Whatever it takes I guess.
Amara had her gym class yesterday and she learned some sweet new moves. She also learned about grains. I tested her and asked her if she had fun learning about broccoli and oranges. She assured me that those were not grains, but pasta and breads were. She was also quick to point out that the grains they showed in class were white and not the brown healthy kind that we use at home. It's nice to know that she listens to us. I better not get used to it though-she's only 4!
Miles is coming into his own as well. Sleeping for over 10 hours a night, using sign language and trying to run. That's a sight to see.
Here's to many more successful days!

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