Monday, October 27, 2008

New found motivation???

It's Monday! The start of a brand new week. I was able to wake up at 4:15am and was at the gym by 5am this morning. I made it to the gym bright and early 3 times last week and I think I handled it fairly well. I got at least 5 hours asleep--6.5 one time! I think I looked more tired than I felt. I will try to make it 3 times again this week as well.
The weekend always seems to take forever to arrive and is over before you know it. This past Saturday I attended a figure show. I explain a figure show as a bikini contest with muscles. It's not really, but people who don't know seem to accept that answer. I competed in a show in 2006. This was totally out of my comfort zone. I don't even wear a bathing suit to the beach. I was up on stage in a very tiny bedazzled bikini, 4 inch clear heels ( I wore ankle socks to my wedding), and TONS of makeup ( I wore makeup in my wedding-courtesy of my sister in law). This was all so foreign to me. I am glad I had the opportunity to do it though!
This was the show I had planned on entering, but since that did not happen I decided to watch it and see who I would have been up against! I am confident that I could have placed in the top 5 in my class( there were 9 girls I think in all). I will admit I was a little jealous sitting there in the audience thinking about the "what ifs", but I am mostly over that now! Seeing those beautiful bodies up on stage seems to have given me a bit of motivation ( hope it lasts..) to get more serious about my own workouts and more diligent on my eating. I don't like to use the word "diet" when talking about myself becasue I am trying to make it a lifestlye, not just a way to drop some pounds quickly.
That was my weekend pretty much. Here's to new found motivation!!

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vanessa40 said...

Hi Marcia,
Ok..i'm all caught up now.
Congratulations on deciding to run the race. I wish i was a committed..i'm just all over the place right now. I'm still working out and eating healthy 90% of the time..just really not into journaling about it. I do miss everyone on O2. You take care..