Thursday, October 9, 2008

Has anyone seen my wagon?

This week has been interesting for me. I have had really awesome workouts all week. I even got up and made it to the gym by 5:30am twice this week ( thanks to Miles' 4am wake up call--thanks a lot buddy.) I actually like getting to the gym early; it's not as crowded and I can take my time for the most part without worrying about the kids acting up in the gym child watch. It's strictly my time by myself. I am also finally at a point where I can "get by" on 4-6 hours of sleep a day and still be nice to my kids and husband!
And then we come to my food choices this week-- I have had better weeks for sure! It's not so much that I have been pigging out on a bunch of crap. Just not making the best choices for myself all the time. I can say it was partly due to all the birthday festivities and such, PMS ( oh, I guess that was 2 weeks ago..must be some crazy lingering symptoms) and maybe my increased physical activity. Sometimes I don't even realize things have not been going all that well... until my daughter shows the signs. POOP TALK AHEAD.
I heard her voice calling from the bathroom, " Mom, I need help!! I have soupy poop today. Must be because I have not been eating enough vegetables." Thanks for not sugar coating it honey. But she is right. I always feel bad too, because it's one thing if I eat a bunch of garbage, I'm an adult and make that choice for myself. And the poop smells good, but as a parent you can smell the effects of a not so healthy diet. She is only 4, so I make most of the decisions for her. I never thought boxed organic mac n' cheese could do such horrid things to a person. Her little tummy just is not used to tons of processed foods. This should be a good thing, but when we do go that route every so often she ends up paying the price. Not to mention the birthday cake ( it was reduced sugar and quite good!), birthday lasagna, caramel apple with sprinkles and the free bag of popcorn given to her because "she's just so darn cute!" It's not that we don't let Amara have treats, but this amount would be in a few weeks time, not all in the same week, some even in the same day!
I'm just now realizing that there is most likely a direct connection with her naughty behavior all week as's really not ( all) her fault! Dang.
I asked for and received a cookbook for Christmas last year called Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld, ( yup, Jerry's wife!). I have yet to make any recipes out of it. I have at least 20 cookbooks with the same story. My goal starting next week is to make at least one recipe a week out of it for 6 weeks- even if it is a dessert which includes cookies made with garbanzo beans.
I am off in search of my wagon........


Heather said...

Interesting to find your head in a similar place as mine. I too have an assortment of cookbooks collecting dust & just told Kevin last night that I am going to start cooking more. I love it & miss doing that for us. Tonight I'm trying something new already.

You'll find the's never far away.

Oh & for what it's worth, I am with you on the poo stuff. I can tell a huge difference when I dont eat well too. It's amazing huh?

The body is an amazing thing!

Chrissy and Jake said...

Beans...cokies made from beans...I thought you were better than this. No wonder your husbands cmes over looking for sweets! Don't ruin cookies Marcia! You can do it be strong! Use lots of butter and sugar it will taste better!

Danielle said...

Oh girl, I have been off the wagon since my blogs got remodeled and I have been working everyday. I was just going to email you and ask you to come by one of them or myspace and bug me to get back on track next week.

Happy Belated birthday to Miles!! Taylor is turning one in a month!!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Isn't your daughter the perceptive one? I think it is great that you are committing to cooking - like you I have a ton of recipe books collecting dust. Perhaps I will follow your example!